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Solibrium is an offshoot of Eco2librium, a certified B-Corp with offices in Kenya and the United States.


We are a for-profit social enterprise based in Western Kenya working to bring affordable solar products to our communities.

We believe:

  • Given the opportunity everyone wants to improve their life, themselves and the community they live in.

  • We believe communities grow through access to resources, to technology, to education and to ideas.

  • We believe ethical business practices are the key to development.

We believe the future is green. The future is Solar!


Our motto “Nuru Maishani” is Swahili for “Light in your life”. We are on a mission to bring everyone into the electricity age.

We do this by offering affordable, modular household solar kits, coupled to usable solar-based appliances.


We offer a flexible and variable payment system and work with micro-franchisees to grow entrepreneurs from the grassroots.

Our strength is our network, our rural reach, our 8 years of experience in growing businesses from the grassroots, and our dynamic and growing team.

Our aim is to have every household lit up.


Business as a force for good

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